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Attorney Seth J. Arnowitz formed Consumer Title and Closing Services, LLC after practicing law as an attorney in Connecticut for almost twenty years.

His mission is to provide closing and title services to individuals purchasing a home or refinancing their existing mortgage.

Too often, borrowers choose an attorney or title company merely because their real estate agent or loan officer told them who to choose.

Although the majority of real estate agents and loan officers are honest and ethical, some unfortunately, are not.

You should be represented by someone looking after your interests, not someone who is more concerned about closing the deal so their referral source can get paid.

More often than not, you will save money by using our services. Our fees are reasonable and we will make sure you are not paying any unnecessary fees to your mortgage company.

If you want to be represented by an experienced attorney whose goal is to make sure your rights are protected, contact Attorney Seth Arnowitz at 203-348-7745 or info2007@consumertitle.net  to learn more about our fees and services.

To learn more about Seth Arnowitz and other services provided by the Law Offices of Seth J. Arnowitz, LLC, please visit the firm’s website at www.ctattorney.com.

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Attorney Seth J. Arnowitz