Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can you give me an example of why I should choose Consumer Title and Closing Services, LLC instead of the attorney referred to me by my real estate agent?

* Real estate agents stand to earn a large commission from your
transaction; but only if the deal closes. When difficult issues
arise, you need to make sure you have an advocate who can negotiate
on your behalf without worrying about losing their commission.
Attorneys and title companies who get referrals from real estate
brokers are often faced with the difficult decision of whether to
look out for the interests of the buyer or the real estate agent who
regularly refers them clients. Make sure you are utilizing an
attorney or title company that is looking out for you.

Can you give me an example of why I should choose Consumer Title and Closing Services, LLC instead of the title company my loan officer insists that I use?

* As part of our services, we will review your Good Faith Estimate and
prelminary Truth-in-Lending statement that you receive from your
lender at the beginning of the transaction. We will advise you as to
whether you are receiving a fair interest rate and whether the
closing costs being charged are reasonable. If you are not receiving
a good deal, we can refer you to somebody who will treat you fairly.
How many title companies who get their business from lenders will
tell you to switch lenders to save you money?

What other services will Consumer Title and Closing Services, LLC provide that may not be provided by the attorney or title company recommended by my real estate agent or loan officer?

* We will review and explain all legal documents to you before you
sign them. We are hired by you. We will explain the documents to you
so that you understand and are comfortable with what you are signing.
* We will also make sure that everyone in the transaction satisfies
their obligations. As your representative at closing, we will make
sure the contract terms are adhered to by the seller, that your real
estate agent performs all services expected of him or her and that
your lender provides a loan consistent with the loan commitment,
good faith estimate and preliminary truth-in-lending statement.

What if my lender says that I must use their attorney or affiliated title company?

* Connecticut General Statute section 49-6d provides that no lender
can require a consumer to be represented by the lender’s attorney.
The Connecticut state legislature believed it was important enough
to enact a statute to protect consumers from lenders who tried to
make consumers use the banks’ preferred attorneys and title
companies. Having your own title company helps ensure that the
lender is treating you fairly. Moreover, our fees are usually less
expensive than those of the lender’s bank attorney or affiliated
title company.

Where will my closing take place?

* If you are purchasing, the closing will generally take place at the
Seller’s attorney’s office. If you are refinancing, the closing will
take place at either our Stamford or Wilton office, whichever is
more convenient for you.