Consumer Title and Closing Services, LLC provides full closing and title services throughout Connecticut including:

Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

Our attorneys can represent you in a wide variety of real estate transactions, including

* Single Family Homes
* Condominiums and Co-ops
* Multifamily Homes and Apartment Buildings
* Shopping Centers
* New Construction
* Vacant Land
* 1031 Exchanges
* Short Sales


Instead of using the bank attorney or title company assigned by the lender, insist on using your own title company.

* We are approved by virtually all Connecticut lenders to close your loan.
* No need to involve an additional bank attorney.
* Reasonable closing costs.
* We will make sure the closing costs you are paying and the rate you are receiving are fair.

Title and Closing Services

Our experienced attorneys and administrative staff will efficiently handle all aspects of the closing process, including

* negotiate and draft contract of sale;
* obtain and review title searches;
* analyze and resolve any title issues;
* review and explain Good Faith Estimate and Preliminary Truth-in-Lending Statement;
* prepare title commitment for lender;
* obtain insurance and other documents necessary for closing;
* prepare HUD-1 settlement statement and other closing documents;
* review deed and other documents from seller to ensure accuracy;
* meet with borrower to explain and sign all closing documents;
* conduct closing;
* receive and distribute net mortgage proceeds from lender;
* coordinate recording of deed, mortgage and other documents at local town hall;
* ensure that all mortgages and liens are properly released from land records;
* issue final title insurance policy;
* provide copies of closing documents to borrower, lender and mortgage broker.